Department of Engineering Physics

B.P.Poddar Institute of Management and Technology

137 VIP Road, Kolkata - 700052


Dear Students,here you will find the details pertaining to the laboratory experiments; viz. the Manuals, laboratory matrices, instructions etc. Other works assigned to you would also be posted here from time to time.  So, do keep a watch and we wish you all a happy sojourn in this department.....  

Faculty Members:--

1) Dr. Ranjana Goswami  (Associate Professor & Head)

  2) Dr. Lipika Adhya  (Associate Professor) 

3) Dr. Papri Saha (Assistant Professor)    

 4) Dr. Esa Bose (Assistant Professor)

5) Mr. Subhasish Pradhan (Assistant Professor) 

 6) Mr. Nirupam Dutta (Technical Assistant)

 7) Mr. Rabin Chandra Samanta  (Junior Technical Assistant)